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Post  Crazy-Person-Here on 2010-07-04, 10:03

A community for free computer help and support. Pc Support Forum is a community to help you find and fix any computer problems you have. If you have hardware or software issues we're here for you. If you are infected with malware or have a virus our professional malware removal experts can help you clean the malware or virus off your computer. Pc Support Forum is your place for free computer help and support so why not Join us today? There is just so much you can do at this great site, you will not just find pc support, but also mind and body, or are you simply in need help with your homework, Talk about favourite your music and tv show and films. Or are feeling down and just need bosting back up again then why not take a look at the joke section and have a good laugh. Promote your web/forum. So if your not into computers then you will still find something for you.

You will have access to free support about ANYTHING to do with computers. Whether you have a software issue, hardware issue, Web Development, Servers, PC Building and Buying Advice, the list never ends on what we can help you with! or are you just simply new to computers and the internet we can help you overcome your fear and get you up and running in no time, or simply how to install hardware. Yes, we can still help...

From this forum ranging from cup's and graphics to gaming systems we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Being registered with PC Support Forum also gives you access to other section of the forum, all you have to do is click on register and that's you ready to enjoy and have full access over the forum. Even if your new to computers or you could even be Experienced IT Person and if so then why not come on over and help other members that are in need of a bit of help.

What is on offer

The Free Sections Are
1 Test your knowlege of Internet usage

2 Photographer's Corner

3 Web Development

4 Mind and Body

5 Debates and Poll Station

6 Just for Laughs

7 The Lounge - Off Topic

8 Voting House

9 Computer games

10 At The Bar

11 Reviews and recommendations

12 Computer News

13 PC Section

14 Payment Processing

15 Support

16 Style Requests

We Need You!!!!!
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