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Post  Bob on 2010-06-19, 19:44

~About Pets~
Here at Admin Community, you have the adoption to adopt a virtual pet! Like real pets you have to take care of it and feed it, but you don't have to clean up after it! A pet will starve after 5 days of not being fed, and will consume 1 piece of food everyday. Every day your pet goes without being fed, it grows to a new status. When fed, it's status is "Full." One day without being fed is, "Remotely Hungry." 2 Days without being fed is, "Hungry." 3 days without being fed is, "Starving." And the fourth day, all your pet food disappears, and so does your pet. The food will return to the shop, and the dog will return to the adoption center. Your pet also will soon have a home, and have the ability to go on walks! But right now, the pet system is in beta.

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