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Post  Leo on 2010-06-18, 11:46

Graphic Request Guidlines Adminc10
~Graphic Section Rules~
  • Arrow If you want to Request, 3 times a week only.
  • Arrow Bumping, or double-triple posting isn't tolerated unless serparted by 24 hours.
  • Arrow This is the only place to Request for Graphics and propse graphics.
  • Arrow Free Graphics, if you post there it means anyone can take them and use them for free. Basically it is propsal.
  • Arrow No complaing, or arguments be patient G. Designers have their own lives.
  • Arrow Use the Template that is give in another post.
  • Arrow Anyone can post banners to help others, even for Proposal.

Have fun, requesting graphics, remember to follow these rules and use the template in a seperate topic! Have fun requesting graphics!
~ Leo ☺️☻♪♫♥️

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